Perfect Breakfast (Suhoor)

Each year, Ramadhan brings with it a unique favourite dish. This year it was the porridge and flapjacks for suhoor which went down a treat.

Creamy Porridge 

Organic oats prepared in the usual way but add honey, chopped dates and walnuts. Sprinkle some coconut power. I made the porridge the night before and chilled in the fridge. You can top with seasonal fruit before serving. We topped ours with organic raspberries from the allotment.



I used the recipe above and added pecan nuts, chopped dates and chopped walnuts. They were the tastiest flapjacks we ever had and brilliant to keep you going through the day.





Good Deed Jar

My 4 year old finally got round to completing his Ramadhan Good Deed Jar.

We upcycled an old jar and used the print-out below. My son decorated the jar with some gold ribbon and golden crescents. He did all the cutting himself (with some tidying up by Mummy!).

This was supposed to be part of a playgroup activity but it had to be cancelled so we decided to do it together at home.

We have used pompoms at the bottom of the jar and he gets one if he completes a good deed. Five pompoms will give him treat such as feeding the ducks in the park.




Click on this link to download the worksheet 30daysramadangooddeeds


Good Deed of the Day

Day 1: Kindness to Animals  

For each day of Ramadhan, the children have a deed of the day. Today, it was kindness to animals and Suhayla pipped the post with helping to clean the goldfish tank. “Fish” is her favourite word at the moment and she kept saying it over and over again. She was particularly happy to see the fish eating in the clean water and smiled at me saying “Hmmmmm” (delicious).






“There is reward in kindness to every living thing.”

Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (saw).


This is directed at my Muslim friends. I have seen many status updates recently mentioning Manchester and Syria in the same post. Please don’t compare the loss of life in Manchester to the loss of life in Syria. Give each innocent life that was lost it’s rightful mention without a political agenda. Now is not the time. Now is the time to come together for Manchester. Each and every life matters and deserves our thoughts, prayers and respect individually. Would you turn up at a relative’s funeral and begin to mourn someone else’s death? No. Give Manchester respect.




Ramadhan Iftar Prep

I tried this last year and it worked so well, I decided to do it again. I have batch cooked all the curry using fresh ingredients. The following dishes are included:

  • Keema Aloo
  • Keema Karela (bitter gourd)
  • Kofta
  • Arvi (Taro root vegetable)
  • Mixed Vegetables (Courgette, Edamame Beans and Aubergine)
  • Chicken Shorba
  • Chicken Palak
  • Chicken Cholay
  • Chicken with Courgette
  • Fish Masala
  • Mackerel and Cholay
  • Palak Paneer
  • Aloo Gosht
  • Gosht with Tinda (Indian squash)
  • Gostht with Kaddu (pumpkin)
  • Tarka Daal
  • Bhindi (Okra)


I have set aside half for my Mum. We usually have curry 3 – 4 times per week in Ramadhan with fresh roti (chapatti). I will set aside the selected curry for defrosting and then heat in a pan (not microwave) before iftar and add fresh coriander, slices of ginger and a dash of lemon juice.

Ramadhan Calendar

With a fortnight or so left to the start of Ramadhan, some of our preparations are already underway.

We made our own Ramadhan calendar this year. The cutting and sticking was done by my 8 year old but my 4 year old found this activity particularly exciting. We talked about what the month of Ramadhan is and how we look forward to celebrating Eid. We also talked about how the sighting of the moon marks the beginning of Ramadhan. I was impressed that he remembered one of his favourite nasheeds “Ramadhan Moon.” This activity helped with his number skills too. The pockets contain “Deed of the Day” which are simple acts such as “Be kind to a friend.” Our own calendar is different to the conventional ones as it is actioning a good deed which is rewarded with a treat, not just the passing of the day. So, the children will read the deed first thing in the morning and then in the evening we will discuss how they actioned it and then get a treat (or not). Some of the days contain no treats to help teach the children that the simple act of giving and being nice is the treat itself.

All materials were purchased from the Range. The calendar cost under £5 to make (treats not included!).