Perfect Breakfast (Suhoor)

Each year, Ramadhan brings with it a unique favourite dish. This year it was the porridge and flapjacks for suhoor which went down a treat.

Creamy Porridge 

Organic oats prepared in the usual way but add honey, chopped dates and walnuts. Sprinkle some coconut power. I made the porridge the night before and chilled in the fridge. You can top with seasonal fruit before serving. We topped ours with organic raspberries from the allotment.



I used the recipe above and added pecan nuts, chopped dates and chopped walnuts. They were the tastiest flapjacks we ever had and brilliant to keep you going through the day.





Weight Loss Plan

Day 1

I am sick of my clothes not fitting properly and knowing I am carrying excess weight. No matter how many times others tell me I look fine, I won’t feel it until I am at my ideal weight again, which for me is 7lb away.

I treated myself to coffee before hitting the gym as I read somewhere that a caffeine boost before a gym work-out can be helpful. I then spent 5 minutes on the rowing machine followed by 35 minutes on the cross-trainer. For lunch I had poached egg on avocado and beetroot salad and for dinner I had baked chicken strips on salad. I snacked on nuts and made sure I drank plenty of water. I also had a yoghurt which I probably should’t have done as it is high in sugars but I figured it was better than having a biscuit.

I haven’t exercised for around six weeks so I felt achy within a couple of hours of my workout but I am sure I will sleep well tonight.